The Berkeley County Auditor’s Office is involved in a project to insure everyone pays his or her fair share in property taxes. If everyone pays his or her fair share of taxes, it saves all taxpayers money. When someone finds a loophole (a way to avoid paying property taxes), you as an honest taxpayer have to pay more for the loss in revenue. One feature of this project is identifying residents who live in Berkeley County and have their vehicles registered in another state. Additionally, discovering businesses that need to be taxed on personal property, such as furniture and fixtures and any equipment that is used to operate their business. We are helping businesses to understand when, what, and how to file the correct returns on their personal property in their business. We are here to provide you with any information you may need. Help us work for the betterment of Berkeley County Government. If you know of anyone who is not paying taxes, please let the Auditor’s Office know.

You do not have to give us your name . . . however you must give sufficient information below for us to identify:

  • the person/s concerned and
  • what they might have done wrong

If you do not know all the required information please call the Auditor’s Office

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