Forms & Documents

2017-2018 Recommended Budget for Berkeley County General Fund
FY2017-2018 BCWS Proposed Budget - 2nd Reading-May 22 2017
Airport Rules & Regulations
Auditor Marine Equipment
Auditor SC DNR Address Change
Auditor Business Personal Property Return
Auditor Tax Exemption Application & Instructions (Individual)
Auditor Disposal or Change of Address Form for Watercraft or Outboard Motor
Auditor Registering Out Of State Tags
Auditor Tax Exemption Application & Instructions (Organization)
Clerk of Courts Application For Peddlers and Hawkers License
Clerk of Courts Civil Action Cover Sheet
Clerk of Courts Motion/Order Complex Case Designation
Clerk of Courts Family Court Coversheet
Clerk of Courts Motion to be Relieved on Bond
Clerk of Courts Affidavit For Support Payments To Be Through Court
Clerk of Courts Motion & Affidavit in Support of Termination of Child Support Based on Emancipation
Clerk of Courts Motion to Dismiss
Clerk of Courts Request for Voluntary Wage Withholding
Clerk of Courts Pro Se Litigants Cover Page Form
Clerk of Courts Support Reduction Complaint
Clerk of Courts Summons
Clerk of Courts Financial Declaration
Clerk of Courts Verification
Clerk of Courts Affidavit for a Lost/Stolen Family Court Check
Clerk of Courts Juror Summons Form
Clerk of Courts Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Clerk of Courts Direct Deposit Decline Form
Clerk of Courts Information Change Form
Delinquent Tax Collector State Law For Delinquent Tax Sale
Engineering C-Fund Program Petition
Engineering Warranty Procedures
Engineering Storm Water NPDES General Permit
Engineering Draft NPDES Phase II SMS4 Storm Water Permit
Engineering Stormwater Utility Fee Appeal
Engineering Berkeley County Stormwater Utility Fee Presentation
Engineering MS4 Regulated Area
Engineering Stormwater Design Standards Manual
Engineering Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Manual
Engineering Stormwater Fee Resolution
Engineering Stormwater Fees
Engineering Construction Activity Application (CAA)
Engineering Illicit Discharge Complaint Form
Engineering Covenants for Permanent Maintenance of Stormwater Systems
Engineering Checklist for CAA
Engineering Approval Process for CAA
Engineering Transfer of Ownership Application
Finance Accommodations Tax Application
Finance Accommodations Tax Policies, Procedures, & Guidelines
Grant Administration Grant Administration Report - October 19, 2015 - June 30, 2016