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Inspection Request Form and Worksheet
Planning and Zoning Term Definitions

Planning>Board Of Zoning Appeals

2022 Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Calendar
Board Of Zoning Appeals
Board of Zoning Appeals (BZA) Variance Application
Request for Administrative Appeal
Special Exception Permit Application

Planning>Conditional and Temporary Uses

Application for Small Wireless Facility Permit
Conditional Use Permit Application
Family Daycare Home Application
Grandfathered Condition Verification Form
Home Occupation Application
Poultry Use Approval Form
Small Wireless Facilities Application
Small Wireless Facility Ordinance
Temporary Residential Occupancy out of a RV/Camper Application
Temporary Use Permit Application

Planning>General Information

526 Low Country Corridor

Planning>General Zoning Information

911 Addressing Form
Ordinance NO. 21-01-02
Ordinance NO. 21-01-03
Ordinance NO. 21-05-24
Ordinance NO. 21-05-25
Zoning Use Cheat Sheet
Zoning Verification Letter (ZVL) Request Form

Planning>Historic Preservation

Rehabilitated Historic Property Application Part A
Special Property Tax Assessment for Rehabilitated Historic Property

Planning>Land Subdivision and Single-Site Development

Authorization Agreement
Covenant Affidavit
Development Review Application
Development Review Information
Exempt Plat Application
Expedited Development Review Services Framework
Expedited PLFP Development Review Application
Expedited PLPR Development Review Application
Expedited PLSP Development Review Application
Minor Subdivision Plat Application
Residential Plot Plan Checklist
Setback and Dimensional Standards Guide
Single-Site Development (Site) Plan Checklist
Subdivision Of Property Brochure
The Land Development and Subdivision Regulations Key Terms
TRC Meeting Calendar

Planning>Planning Commission

Planning Commission Board 2021
Public Meeting Calendar for Rezoning and Text Amendment Requests
Rezoning Application
Typical Rezoning Process
Waiver/Variance Application

Planning>Traffic Impact Assessment

Preliminary Traffic Assessment (PTA)

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