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Berkeley County Water and Sanitation (BCWS) is warning residents in Moncks Corner, specifically the Fox Bank and Oakley Pointe neighborhoods, that an odor is expected the next few days as crews install new pipes for the shallow gas well system. This is part of Berkeley County‚Äôs continued effort to find a solution the recent odor near the landfill. 

Crews will be digging in the area of concern Thursday to install the wells. This will cause odors to surface. 

On Wednesday, February 6, Berkeley County Water and Sanitation (BCWS) released reports concerning the landfill odor and efforts to eliminate it. BCWS crews have been working diligently to find a solution to the issue and County leaders are hopeful upcoming efforts will help solve the problem. 

On Friday, February 8, a larger carbon scrubber was installed. The scrubber controls the odor that comes off leachate. Leachate is the water, often created through precipitation, that has percolated through any permeable material. 

Berkeley County Water and Sanitation (BCWS) will be installing gas wells this week to help eliminate the odor, further. This proactive approach will draw gas from the portion of the landfill that is currently in use and will connect into the existing permanent gas system. Essentially, these pipes will suck gas from waste and not emit the odor into the air.

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