How do I know if I have a VoIP?


Cable Internet providers offer VoIP phone service, as well as some of the more traditional telephone carriers. If you have recently “bundled” your cable, phone, and internet service; odds are you are now using a VoIP phone. Also, some specific companies such as “Vonage” or “Magic Jack” are solely VoIP providers. The best thing to do if you are not sure is to contact your phone provider’s customer service department and ask.

If you are using a VoIP phone system that does not mean you won’t get 9-1-1 services. VoIP customers may need to provide or update their physical address location information to their VoIP providers, especially if they have recently changed locations, for their VoIP 9-1-1 service to function properly. This ensures that your provider has your updated information and if you dial 9-1-1, the responders do not respond to an incorrect address.

One other thing to remember with VoIP service is that if your power goes out or your internet connection goes down, you may lose your ability to make and receive calls. You might want to consider installing a backup power supply, maintaining a traditional phone line, or having a wireless phone to use as a backup in case of an emergency.

To get more information about VoIP telephone service and 9-1-1 emergency dialing you can visit the Federal Communications Commission website at this address:

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