How much is the Permanent Stormwater Utility Fee and how is it calculated for me?


The following table shows the annual fee, devised via a Stormwater Management Utility Rate Study. The study employs an impervious surface model utilizing, impervious ft2 ÷ 2,760 ft2/(ERU Fee) calculation, with modifiers and variables for agricultural land, forested land, and undeveloped land.

Example: A parcel containing 915,447 ft² (21.01 ac.) of impervious surface

915,447 ft² ÷ 2,760 ft² / ERU = 331.68 (rounded to nearest ERU = 332 ERU)
332 ERU x $36.00 / ERU = $11,952/year

Property Class Base ERU
Single Family Residential 1 ERU/Unit
Nonresidential (Commercial/Industrial) Impervious ft2 ÷ 2,760 ft2/ (ERU Fee)
Multi-family Impervious ft2 ÷ 2,760 ft2/ (ERU Fee)
Mobile Homes 1 ERU/Unit
Tax-exempt and Non-profit Impervious ft2 ÷ 2,760 ft2/ (ERU Fee)
Vacant/Undeveloped Not Assessed
Monthly ERU Fee $3.00
Annual ERU Fee $36.00
*for parcels containing multiple residences on the parcel, an annual fee per unit will be assessed

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