What types of appeals are appealable grievances?


Incorrect Parcel Billed – This can originate from an incorrect mailing address, a recent property transaction, or an account for impervious surface being assessed to the incorrect parcel

Incorrect Parcel Classification – This can originate when a parcel is under development or re-development and the original property classification no longer applies, or if there is a change in use of the parcel from non-residential to residential.

Incorrect Impervious Area – The impervious surface area on a parcel is collected via two mechanisms. One, via flyover and aerial imagery. Two, via engineering plan submittals. However, aerial imagery mapping could be inaccurate, development & re-development may remove impervious surfaces that were once previously mapped, or gravel locations may be mapped as impervious surfaces when an allotment of gravel locations may qualify as semi-impervious.

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