Who is eligible for a Stormwater Utility Fee Credit?


Any non-residential property subject to the stormwater utility fee may be eligible for a reduction in their fee through stormwater utility fee credits.

The credit will apply only to developed land containing a Berkeley County Stormwater Management Program (SWMP) approved Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) eligible for the credit. These measures can include on-site practices such as bioretention cells, vegetated swales, and other practices that manage stormwater at its source.

Credits are available only when qualifying SCMs have been properly installed and maintained, whether implemented before or after initiation of the County’s Stormwater Utility Ordinance.

Stormwater Utility accounts with past-due balances will not be eligible to apply for stormwater fee credits. Existing credited Stormwater Utility accounts not paying their stormwater charges will be deemed ineligible for future credit and revocation of existing credits.

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