Who will be charged this fee?


All developed properties in the unincorporated area of Berkeley County, the City of Goose Creek, and the City of Hanahan, including properties containing single and multifamily residences, mobile homes, nonresidential (commercial or industrial) land uses, tax exempt and non-profit properties are charged with a Stormwater Utility Fee. The fee will not be imposed on agricultural lands, forestlands, or undeveloped lands.

The established average impervious surface area associated with single-family residential (SFR) properties will be assessed at 1 ERU and applied uniformly to all mobile home units and SFR units.

Non-residential properties will be assessed in multiples of ERUs based on actual impervious areas (subject to a 1 ERU minimum). This category of properties includes the following properties classified as:

  1. Commercial Property
  2. Industrial Property
  3. Institutional Property
  4. HOA Community Center Property
  5. Multi-Family to include Duplexes and townhomes not subdivided by parcel lines
  6. Tax-exempt and Non-profit
  7. Boat Slips (Dry Stack Marinas)
  8. Properties whose primary function is not a single-family residence

Common areas associated with mobile home parks, multi-family and single-family residential development will be assessed like non-residential properties and charged to the HOA or property management.

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