Why do the dispatchers ask so many questions when I call?


Dispatchers ask for pertinent information first – address, type of call, name of caller or those involved. Once the initial information is obtained, additional questions may be asked depending on the type of call.
The questioning will not slow down the dispatching of the appropriate assistance. In emergency cases, this information is relayed immediately to field units so they may begin responding to the incident, while the dispatcher remains on the phone to obtain further details that are also relayed to the responding units as it is gathered, in real time.
The dispatcher will further assist callers by giving instructions to callers on how to administer life saving techniques, such as CPR, during medical emergencies.
They will take steps to promote the personal safety of the caller, the victim and responding Police, Fire or EMS personnel. They will also engage in actions which preserve evidence to aid in the apprehension of suspects.

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