Property Card

Summary Information:

TMS: 222-09-01-065
Owner Information:
4910 Trenholm RD Ste C

Columbia, SC 292064717

Owner Occupied Property: No
Homestead Exempt (Age 65+ or Disability): No
Council District: C5
Fire District: F20
Tax District: T18
TIS Zone: 1
Jurisdiction: 1P
Acres: 25.88
Lots: 0.0
Neighborhood: S007 - MACKEY FARMS
Appraiser ID: JS
Lot: POA Block: Section: PH 2
Zoning: Goose Creek - R-3
Parent TMS: 222-00-00-196

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Previous Owner History:
Owner: MUNGO HOMES COASTAL DIVISION PROPERTIES LLCSale Date: 08/06/2020Sale Price: $5.00Deed Book-Page: 3461 - 107Plat: INST# 2020010446Transfer Notes:
Owner: WEST ASHLEY INVESTORS LLCSale Date: 02/28/2019Sale Price: $1,138,772.92Deed Book-Page: 2961 - 901Plat: CAB Q - 319HTransfer Notes: PLAT (1 of 4) INST#2020010446-2020010449 (25.881 AC, POA AREA) 03/20
Owner: MORRIS ANNIE M AS PER REP OF EST OF EARL E MACKEYSale Date: 03/14/2017Sale Price: $1,808,000.00Deed Book-Page: 2420 - 200Plat: CAB S - 91Transfer Notes:
Owner: MORRIS ANNIE M TRUSTEESale Date: 02/29/2012Sale Price: $5.00Deed Book-Page: 9341 - 156Plat: Transfer Notes:
Owner: MORRIS ANNIE M TRUSTEE,Sale Date: 02/22/2012Sale Price: $5.00Deed Book-Page: 9335 - 123Plat: Transfer Notes:
Owner: MACKEY LILY MAE (DOD),Sale Date: 07/16/2007Sale Price: $0.00Deed Book-Page: 9335 - 118Plat: Transfer Notes:
Owner: MACKEY EARL E AND LILYSale Date: 11/01/2000Sale Price: $5.00Deed Book-Page: 2079 - 0295Plat: Transfer Notes:
Owner: MACKEY EARL ESale Date: 11/01/2000Sale Price: $5.00Deed Book-Page: 2079 - 0295Plat: CAB P - 270CTransfer Notes:
Owner: JOE STEPHENS ETALSale Date: 11/19/1955Sale Price: $50,000.00Deed Book-Page: A100 - 0209Plat: Transfer Notes:

Assessment Notice Reprint

Tax History: (limited to 10 years)

Tax Year Receipt # Tax District Original Total Total With Penalties (if applicable) Pay Date Pay Type Delinquent Taxed Value Owner Occupied (4% QR Rate)
2023 0076921 18 $464.84 $464.84 UnpaidNo $25,900No
2022 0067514 18 $473.84 $541.17 10/17/2023PaidYes $25,900No
2021 0064874 18 $486.45 $700.67 10/24/2022LandsaleYes $25,900No

Sales Information:

Last Sale Date: 08/06/2020
Recording Date: 08/12/2020
Sale Price: $5.00
Plat Information: INST# 2020010446
Deed Book: 3461
Deed Page: 107
Sales Validity: 9A
Validity Other: 9D

Valuation Information:

Building Market: 0
Land Market: 25,900
Building Taxable (4% Res): 0
Building Taxable (6% Other): 0
Building Taxable (4% Ag): 0
Building Taxable (6% Ag): 0
Land Taxable (4% Res): 0
Land Taxable (6% Other): 25,900
Land Taxable (4% Ag): 0
Land Taxable (6% Ag): 0
Total Taxable Value: 25,900     Total Assessment: 1,550

Fee Summary:

Fee NameFee Amount
Acreage Fire Fee25
Goose Creek Sanitation Fee0

Building Information:

Building Count: 0
Residence Count: 0
Yard Item Count: 0
Mobile Homes on Property: 0

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