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MONCKS CORNER, S.C. – (Thursday, June 17, 2021) – Berkeley County will install a WaterGoat device into the College Park Canal in the College Park Estates neighborhood on Wednesday, June 23 at 8:30 a.m. This unique device is designed to collect litter in the canal and help with stormwater management to remove trash and improve water quality issues in nearby neighborhoods.

Specifically, the WaterGoat will trap litter that washes in from area storm drains, keeping trash and other debris out of streets, ditches and streams. The WaterGoat will be placed in the Limehouse Branch portion of the canal, located adjacent the bridge on Trinity Place, directly next to College Park Middle School drop-off loop. This convenient location provides an area for volunteers to park safely and access the WaterGoat for maintenance activities, future litter removal efforts, and student/public education.

This project is a coordinated effort between Berkeley County Stormwater, Berkeley County Roads and Bridges, Keep Berkeley Beautiful, and Palmetto Pride/Keep SC Beautiful. Community groups and volunteers will be tasked with overseeing the routine maintenance and cleaning of the WaterGoat. The Caromi Volunteer Fire Department will provide routine cleanup efforts of the device. Additionally, Truck Carlson with the Savannah River Keepers and Veterans for Clean Water will be displaying his techniques for cleaning the canal with a tool of his creation.

Immediately following the installation, there will be a litter-removal initiative targeting the area in and around the canal. The effort will be led by community volunteers with Keep Berkeley Beautiful and PalmettoPride/Keep SC Beautiful. The public is invited to attend the event and participate in the litter clean-up. Materials, for clean-up, will be provided by Keep Berkeley Beautiful.

Since WaterGoat’s creation in 2006, nearly 200 devices have been installed in waterways around the country. More information can be found at


-Prepared by the Berkeley County Public Information Office-

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