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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.- (Monday, May 18, 2020) — Berkeley County Roads & Bridges crews have completed seven Dirt-to-Pave (DTP) projects. The roads, listed below, were funded by the County’s One-Cent Sales Tax Program. See pictures attached highlighting the work.

The Dirt-to-Pave (DTP) roads that Berkeley County Roads and Bridges have completed in-house have been a game changer and paved the way for future projects. It’s a better, faster, and cheaper way for the County to improve quality of life for citizens. This in-house method was a pilot program that started as a test to measure its success and limit money spent contracting out DTP projects. Years later, there’s no denying its efficiency and effectiveness. While the County cannot do every DTP project, by dividing and packaging some for in-house and some for contractors, this will help expand the future success of DTP projects. -Berkeley County Chief Infrastructure Officer Danny Thrower

  • Ballentine Street (Moncks Corner)- Completed in 13 days
  • Bridle Lane (Moncks Corner- Chaparral)- Completed in 10 days
  • Churchill Road (Moncks Corner- Pimlico)- Completed in 10 days
  • Galloway Court (Moncks Corner- Chaparral)- Completed in 9 days
  • Kale Street (Moncks Corner)- Completed in 22 days
  • Striper Avenue (Moncks Corner- Pimlico)- Completed in 12 days
  • Telfair Road (Moncks Corner)- Completed in 17 days

These roads were all completed in-house, expediting project timelines and cutting costs.

Next, Berkeley County Roads and Bridges will pave Paslay Drive and Morrison Drive in Goose Creek.

The County’s Dirt-to-Pave program paves dirt/gravel roads, often in rural communities. The County established the Dirt-to-Pave Program in the 2008 One-Cent Sales Tax referendum with 29 dirt/gravel roads totaling 21.5 miles. The 2014 One-Cent Sales Tax Program, which County voters passed through a referendum that same year, identified a total of 59 dirt/gravel roads, totaling about 12.6 miles.

– Prepared by the Berkeley County Public Information Office –

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