Property Tax Computation for 4% Residential Property in Berkeley County

Based on the 2022/2023 Millage Rate and Fees
$100,000Home Appraised Value
x .04Assessment Ratio (for legal residence)
$ 4,000Assessed Value
x .27372022/2023 Millage Rate
$1094.80Tax Liability
– 607.20School Tax Credit – (based on the 2022/2023 School Operation Millage : 4000 X .1518)
– 96.60Local Option Sales Tax Credit (appraised value X .000966 – 2022/2023 factor)
$ 391.00Reduced Tax Liability
+ 75.00County Fire Fee (only if applicable and amount may vary)
+ 75.00Solid Waste Fee
+ 36.00Stormwater Fee (only if applicable and amount may vary)
$ 577.00Total Due

Additional taxes and reductions may apply if property is located in an incorporated area of the County (current Millage chart).

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