Ad Valorem

According to value

Assessed Value

An appraisal or fair market value of real or personal property multiplied by the appropriate ratio equals the assessed value. Assessed value multiplied by the millage rate equals the amount of property taxes.

Assessment Ratio

The percentage of one’s property value, which is subject for taxation in accordance with the state law.

Fair Market Value

Property, reasonably priced, that can be expected to sell on the market with a willing buyer and a willing seller.

Millage Rate

The number of mills levied to meet the budget of the county, city, school district or special district. One mill is equivalent to 1/1000 of a dollar or 1/1 cent.

Personal Property

All things other than real estate which have value such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, campers, motor homes, marine equipment, aircraft, and items used in a business such as furniture, fixtures and equipment are taxed yearly.

Property Taxes

In 1915, South Carolina created the property tax on real and personal property. It is a main source of revenue for the state and local government, as well as public schools. All residents of South Carolina are asked to pay yearly ad valorem property taxes on real and personal property. Revenue generated is used by local government to provide the services that Berkeley County residents enjoy.

Real Property

All land and the buildings, structures or improvements on that land and mobile homes are billed as real property.


Process required by state law to determine the change in market value of property over a certain period (usually 5 years) to provide equity among taxpayers.

Tax Year

The year that the tax bill is received payable by January 15 of the following year.

  • October 1 Property tax books are opened
  • January 15 Property taxes for the prior year must be paid to the county treasurer no later than this date.
  • January 16 through February 1 Property taxes for the prior year paid during this period are subject to a penalty of 3%.
  • February 2 through March 16 An additional penalty of 7% is added to taxes for the prior year paid during this period.
  • As of March 16 of every year all real property and personal property, and business taxes must be paid at the Tax Collector’s office in Moncks Corner (no other offices).

Exception – The vehicle tax year coincides with the month in which the registration expires.

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