The Coroner’s Office will investigate all deaths within its jurisdiction according to State law. He is responsible for investigating deaths that occur in other counties resulting from an accident or injury that occurred in Berkeley County.

Mission Statement


It is the sole responsibility and authority of the Coroner to determine the manner and cause of death of those under his jurisdiction. Duly qualified personnel will conduct investigations in a timely manner.  As circumstances warrant, the Coroner may retain the assistance of experts in the fields of pathology, anthropology, toxicology and other fields of forensic science to assist in his investigation. It is the sole decision of the Coroner as to whether an autopsy will be performed.

Trust and confidence in the ability of the Coroner’s Office will be established through cooperation with related agencies and the citizens of Berkeley County. This office will support and provide comfort to surviving family members and their friends through a partnership with Berkeley Crisis Chaplaincy.

The Berkeley County Coroner’s office will maintain its partnership with government agencies, Berkeley County citizens, and community groups to raise awareness and educate the public about preventable deaths.

Department Functions

  • The Coroner ensures that the citizens of Berkeley County receive the best possible investigation of each death.
  • The Coroner ensures that the next- of- kin are kept informed about the status of a death investigation of a family member.
  • The Coroner ensures that the citizens of Berkeley County are protected against known hazards that have caused a death by taking corrective measures.

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