Caldwell Pinckney, Jr. has been elected to Berkeley County Council since 2000.
Mr. Pinckney has lived in South Carolina all his life. Mr. Pinckney has been married for 47 years. He has three children, Stephen Pinckney, Carlottia Pinckney and Phyllis Brown. Mr. Pinckney graduated from Cross High School and earned a B.A. in Criminal Justice from Shaw University. He is a Vietnam Veteran (U.S. Army). In his spare time, Mr. Pinckney enjoys playing golf, gardening, fishing and hunting. Mr. Pickney’s motto is, “Love People and Trust God”.
Mr. Pinckney believes in leadership which people can trust and depend on, that serves and represents all people. Locally, he supports “infrastructure development, growth and improvement”. Pinckney played an integral role in bringing safe drinking water to Cross schools, and throughout District 7. He also spearheaded efforts to improve roads and supported the one-cent sales tax initiative.
Mr. Pinckney’s community involvement and activities include:
• President of the Tri-Community Center
• Past President of the Berkeley Chamber of Commence
• Class Church Leader
• Adult Sunday School Teacher
• BCD Council of Governments

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