• 1. The undersigned applicant hereby applies to the Berkeley County Roads and Bridges Department for a permit for encroachment on the County right-of-way or easement as shown and described below:
  • 2. Type of encroachment:
  • 3. Description and details of proposed installation: (Attach drawings showing the encroachment on the right-of-way or easement)
    4. The undersigned applicant hereby requests the Berkeley County Roads and Bridges Department to permit encroachment on the County’s right-of-way or easement as described herein. It is expressly understood that the encroachment shall be installed in accordance with the description and details attached hereto and made a part hereof, including the General Provisions and Special Provisions. The applicant agrees to assume any and all liability that may be caused by the construction, maintenance, use, moving or removing, of the physical appurtenances contemplated herein and agrees to indemnify Berkeley County from any liability incurred or injury or damage sustained by reason of the past, present, or future existence of said appurtenances.
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  • In compliance with your request and subject to all the provisions, terms, conditions and restrictions stated in the application and special provisions below or attached hereto, the Department approves the request. This permit is valid for a period of 12 months from the date of approval. Please note: This is not a Berkeley County Engineering, Permitting, Planning, Municipality or SCDOT Approval.

    Special Provisions:

    Approved By:
    PLEN #:
  • Please indicate on the plat, where the encroachment will be constructed or placed within the easement.

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