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89-04-09: Establish Regulations & Standards for storm drainage facilities
Code of Ordinances
05-03-08: Political Signs
05-05-20: Regulations for keeping of pets and other animals in Berkeley County
06-09-63: Increase number of children allowed in Berkeley County home daycares from 6 children to 12
07-07-44: Establish regulations to develop and enforce Stormwater Management Program
08-04-16: Restrict hours of operation of commercial establishments that allows for on -premises consumption of alcoholic beverages &
08-05-22: Registration of manufactured housing & provide for issuance of moving permits
08-06-30: Building Regulations
09-11-55: Creation of an arterial roads overlay district
10-10-34: Amendment to Arterial Roads Overlay District Ordinance No. 09-11-55 & provide for regulation of temporary signage within
13-07-25: Increase fees in rural Fire District for unimproved lots & vacant land.
14-05-08: Prohibiting Roadside Vending & Soliciting
14-07-21: Establishing Stormwater Management Utility & Implementing Stormwater Management Program
14-11-36: Amend Ordinance No. 07-07-44, Stormwater Management
15-01-01: Chicken Ordinance
17-05-07: Amend & Clarify Article 13 of Zoning Ordinance regarding Cluster Subdivisions
17-11-43: Amend & Clarify Section 11.9.1 of Zoning Ordinance, Home Occupation
18-03-10: Inspection Fees & Fees for Permit Authorization Cards
18-04-12: Flood Damage Prevention & Protection
18-05-21: Amend & Clarify Section 1 & Section 7 of Ord No. 14-07-21, Stormwater Management Utility Management
18-08-39: Prohibit Discharging a Firearm in Berkeley Country Club Estates Community
18-12-69: Amend Fire Fee Ordinance 13-07-25
21-05-24: Amend & Clarify Certain Sections of Article 13 Cluster Subdivisions
21-05-27 – State Accommodations Tax Ordinance
21-05-28 – County Accommodations Fee Ordinance
21-10-64: Noise Control in Berkeley County
22-04-27: Impoundment of pets or domestic animals running at-large and establishment of a free roaming cat program
22-08-48: One Cent Sales Tax Referendum 2022
22-08-63-Moratorium Ordinance
23-07-40: Amended Moratorium Ordinance
23-07-42: Amended Chicken Ordinance
89-04-09: Establish Regulations & Standards for storm drainage facilities
Article 18: Sign Control
Article 23: Unclean Lots
Code of Ordinances

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