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BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C.- (Monday, October 21, 2019) — RePower South (RPS), has started accepting recyclables from Charleston County, after an intergovernmental agreement was reached last week between Berkeley and Charleston Counties. RePower South is a recycling facility in Berkeley County that extracts the recyclable material and pays the County to landfill the residual. RPS pays the County a lease to operate on the County landfill as well as a revenue share of the sale of the recyclable material and fuel. RPS began processing Berkeley County waste in April 2019.

Under the agreement, Charleston County will pay Berkeley County $37.88 per ton of feedstock, or acceptable segregated recyclable materials, delivered by Charleston County to the waste facility. Charleston County has agreed to deliver, at its own cost, a minimum of 2000 tons of feedstock to RePower South each month. Additionally, under the agreement, all residual waste from Charleston County will be disposed of at a facility outside of Berkeley County.

The agreement was reached on October 17, 2019, between Berkeley County and Charleston County.

Additional information on RePower South’s state of the art facility and how your recyclables will be recovered, please visit the RePower South website at


– Prepared by the Berkeley County Public Information Office –

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