The Tax Collector's Office is responsible for the collection of property taxes( real estate, mobile homes, watercraft,and business personnel property). Our goal is to strive to provide our citizens with knowledge of the tax collection process as well as fair and courteous customer service.

Mission Statement


Department Functions

  • Accept payments for delinquent tax bills
  • Send out notices for past-due taxes on personal and real property
  • Provides unique identifiers for internet payments
  • Seize property for non-payment, in accordance with S.C. Code of Laws, Title 12
  • Mail certified notices, restricted delivery
  • Posting levies
  • Plan, conduct and manage Land and Mobile home sales
  • Perform post-sale work, such as title and mortgage research and deed preparation work
  • Manage the notices of filed Bankruptcy cases
  • Advertise properties for sale in the Post and Courier Newspaper

General Information

Once a property tax bill is deemed delinquent (after March 16th of each year), the debt goes into execution and the County Treasurer sends the bill to the Delinquent Tax Department. All Delinquent Tax payments are paid in the Delinquent Tax office.

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