On election day, it is unlawful for any person to distribute or display campaign material within 500 feet of any entrance used by the voters to enter a polling place.

Campaign material is any written or visual material that has the intention or effect of supporting or opposing any candidate, party, or question in the current election.

It is the duty of poll managers to keep this prohibited area clear of political literature and displays. (7-25-180 (a))

The poll managers’ responsibility to enforce this rule applies only to the polling place property and any public property or rights of way within the 500-foot area. Poll managers are not responsible for addressing materials distributed or displayed on private property not under the control of the county board of voter registration and elections on election day. Complaints about campaign materials being displayed within 500 feet of the polling location on private property should be directed to local law enforcement. Poll managers have no authority to remove signs or other materials from private property.

If the campaign material is displayed within 500 feet on the grounds of the polling place, poll managers can remove the material or require the person displaying or distributing the material to remove the material, cover the material, or otherwise cause the material not to be visible. Campaign material on shirts may be addressed by wearing a jacket, coat, or sweater over the shirt or turning the shirt inside out. The material must remain out of sight while in the polling place and within 500 feet of the polling place. If a voter refuses to cover or remove the material, poll manager should advise the voter of the law and the requirement that the material not be visible. Illegal campaign material displayed by a voter must be addressed first before proceeding with the voter check-in process. If the voter refuses to comply, contact the county office for assistance.

If the campaign material is displayed on public property within 500 feet of the polling place, but not on the grounds of the polling place, contact the county office. The county office will have the material removed.

In consideration of the factors stated above, county and municipal law enforcement officers must, upon the request of the poll managers or county election officials, remove or cause to be removed any material distributed or displayed within 500 feet of any such entrance.

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