Voters Registration & Elections

State of South Carolina does not register by party. Party is only declared in Primary elections.

Yes. You do not have to vote in a Primary to be eligible to vote in November.

No. Ballots are voted in the absentee poll or sent by mail. Exceptions made only in emergency cases.

No. Only the individual, a member of the immediate family, or a designated authorized representative may request an absentee application.

If you still live within the county, yes. Depending on the location of the move, the voter may have to vote a fail-safe ballot. It is very important to notify the office of any address or name changes.

Yes, a voter does not have to have their voter registration card to vote, but all voters must have an approved photo ID to vote. The address on these cards must correspond with address on record in the voter registration office.

Potential jurors are randomly selected from voter registration lists, driver’s license and DMV identification lists. Your chances of being chosen for jury duty are just as great if you have a current state driver’s license.

Proof of residency in Berkeley County. Example: driver’s license, tax receipt, utilities bill, etc.

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