Emergency Medical Services

Berkeley County EMS only receives part of its funding via taxes, other funding is provided through a billing process. Berkeley County EMS’s total budget is $3.2 million, billing offsets about 1/3 of the operational expense.

In the Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester County area, Trident Technical College is the primary place to attend EMT Basic school. There are other places (Low Country EMS, Emergency Training Center), they are all in the book.

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There is a significant difference; a Paramedic performs advanced therapies such as medication administration, advanced airway maneuvers, electrical cardiac therapies and much more. A paramedic can perform therapies that at one time were solely performed in an Emergency Room. An EMT can perform basic level interventions such as oxygen delivery, bandaging and splinting.

South Carolina State Law requires motorist yield the right of way to emergency vehicles when they are responding with lights and sirens. In most instances, motorist should slow down and pull to the right edge of the road. Sometimes other maneuvers are necessary, in all cases it is important not to panic, stay calm and watch what the ambulance driver is doing. The action you will usually take is to safely distance yourself from the ambulance. The ambulance personnel will usually direct you if visual contact can be made.

First you must get certified as an EMT. Secondly, you will need to apply for an open position at the Berkeley County Human Resources Department. Last of all, you will take a practical and written exam to evaluate your skill level; once the testing is complete, you will be interviewed. If you perform well overall and out qualify the other applicants, the job is yours.

Berkeley County and the incorporated areas in Berkeley County, all operate on an Enhanced 911 System, this means all you have to do is call 911 and stay on the line.

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