Administration is to provide comprehensive support to Berkeley County staff,
ensure compliance, and guarantee Federal, State, and Corporate grants supplement and align with the County’s vision to invest in the community to make it a better place for all. 

Mission Statement


Department Functions

The essential role of Grants Administration is to complement the practical knowledge of Department Directors by advising and assisting with grant activities. Grants Administration actively conducts research, data analysis, reviews funding opportunities and provides administrative oversight for all county grant funded activities ensuring that both the granting agencies and the county fulfill and administer grants according to all requirements of laws, regulations, and formally established policies. Grants Administration acts as a clearinghouse for all county department grant applications, proposals, project reporting, financial reporting, monitoring and grant-closeout.


  • Ensure Berkeley County's approach to Federal, State, foundation, and corporate funding opportunities are effectively coordinated
  • Research and identify grant funding to meet Berkeley County’s Strategic Plan
  • Track all competitive funding application efforts and awards to measure the County's overall success and to report to County leadership
  • Interpret and implement grant management policies and procedures applicable to awarded grants
  • Review and submit applications, project, and financial reports on behalf of Project Managers
  • Manage grant files to ensure compliance with applicable regulations

This office will be responsible for the program management and project oversight of the anticipated funding allocation from the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

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