State law requires the OWNER OF RECORD to obtain all permits unless a contractor is obtaining the permits.

This is a new policy DHEC is requesting us to enforce. All questions can be directed to them.

The permitting department can answer general questions regarding property in the unincorporated areas of Berkeley County. If you live in a municipality, you will need to contact that office to obtain your zoning information.

There are several factors to consider when wanting to put a manufactured home on your property. There is the zoning of your property to consider, acreage, water and sewer availability, etc.

Taxes follow the property, not the owner, for a manufactured home. When purchasing a manufactured home and moving it within or out of the county, all taxes must be paid.

No. An approved permit must be in hand to begin any type of construction. If construction does begin without a permit and you are caught, the fees for all associated permits will be doubled.

Not only is it County policy to obtain a permit to build, move a home, manufactured or other, etc., but it is also a State requirement. When the State adopts the codes and/or policies, the County must also abide by the same codes or policies.

Yes. There are some buildings that are exempt from having to obtain a permit to build. Please call the permit office to obtain the correct information regarding your specific project.

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