The Public Information Office (PIO) serves as a liaison for local, state and national media on behalf of the County.

Mission Statement

Department Functions

The department coordinates press conferences, prepares press releases, and notifies the public about County news and events. The PIO office strives to be proactive and responsive with all important County news to ensure the flow of information is accurate, timely and appropriate.

The PIO office serves as a spokesperson for the County on many issues and handles all media requests for the County’s 44 departments and divisions.
The PIO office coordinates County ceremonies and events such as ribbon-cuttings, groundbreakings, and special announcements.

Social Media and Marketing:
The Public Information Office is responsible for all content on the County’s 15 social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Emergencies/Crisis Response:
The Public Information Office handles all public communication for crisis and emergency response.

Latest News


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