Berkeley and Dorchester Counties were engaged in a boundary dispute that was resolved on November 7, 2018. As a result, Berkeley County’s boundary has been clarified to include approximately 3,200 acres of land that was formerly in Dorchester County (referred to as the “Transition Area”). To respond to this change and to ensure that every parcel contested in the “Transition Area” is zoned to an unincorporated Berkeley County Zoning District in an efficient timeframe, County Council directed the Planning and Zoning Department to coordinate with the Berkeley County Planning Commission to develop zoning district recommendations for its consideration. To develop its recommendations, the Department conducted windshield surveys to assess the existing land use of affected and adjacent properties, considered former Dorchester County zoning designations, and referred to the Berkeley County Future Land Use Map Recommendations. 

Zoning District Recommendations

If you have any questions about the zoning district that has been recommended for property that you own within the “Transition Area”, please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at (843) 719-4095. TO ACCESS AN INTERACTIVE WEB MAP SHOWING THE ZONING DISTRICT AND FUTURE LAND USE MAP RECOMMENDATIONS FOR YOUR PROPERTY, PLEASE SELECT THE LINK HERE: 

Public Process

Before County Council will entertain the zoning district recommendations, a recommendation by the Berkeley County Planning Commission is first required. In order for the zoning district recommendations to go into effect, they will need to be approved and adopted by three (3) readings of County Council. Planning Commission reviewed the requests and made their recommendations at the April 23, 2019 meeting. Revisions requested by County Council for consideration were also reviewed by Planning Commission on June 25, 2019. Now the recommendations proceed to County Council’s Land Use Committee.

Upcoming Land Use Committee and County Council Meeting Dates

The Berkeley County Council will next consider the Planning Commission recommendations on the revised ordinances at Land Use Committee on July 8, 2019 at 6:00 PM in the Berkeley County Assembly Room, located at 1003 Highway 52 in Moncks Corner, SC 29461. Should the recommendations progress they will be considered by Land Use Committee and County Council on the following dates:

Land Use CommitteeCouncil (2nd Reading)Land Use CommitteeCouncil (Public Hearing & 3rd Reading)
July 8, 2019July 22, 2019August 12, 2019August 26, 2019

Subsequent Rezoning of Affected Parcels

After adoption of Zoning District Recommendations by County Council, a property owner or his/her authorized agent, may at his/her discretion, request a change in the zoning that was established for the affected property by submitting an “Application for Rezoning” and any necessary supporting documentation to the Berkeley County Planning and Zoning Department as pursuant to the typical processes and deadlines as established in Article 22 of the Berkeley County Zoning Ordinance. If an “Application for Rezoning” is submitted within six (6) months from the date that the Zoning District Recommendations are approved and adopted by County Council, the Department will waive the application fee. Please feel free to contact the Department should you have any questions, concerns, or comments.

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