“Planning The Future While Preserving The Past”

The title of the comprehensive plan is “Planning the Future While Preserving the Past” which was coined by the members of the Planning Commission and acts as a guiding principal for this plan. Berkeley County has a rich history which the Planning Commission is committed to preserving and is planning for a future that respects the special needs of each individual area of the county.

The 2010 Comprehensive Plan was a 2 year process that involved several rounds of public input meetings providing citizens and business owners the opportunity to help shape the plan. In addition, monthly meetings were held involving the public, county planning staff, BDC Council of Governments staff, and the Planning Commission. Several guest speakers were invited to give presentations providing valuable information to the Planning Commission. The plan was officially adopted by County Council on June 27, 2011.

The comprehensive plan consists of nine elements which analyze growth and guide future development and projects in the county.

  1. Population and demographics
  2. Economic development, labor, and workforce
  3. Natural resources
  4. Cultural resources
  5. Community facilities; water, sewer, fire, EMS, education, etc.
  6. Housing inventory, condition, types, and affordability
  7. Future Land Use
  8. Transportation, improvements, efficiency, safety
  9. Priority investments, immediate & long term public needs

To help understand the role it plays, the following are key points in a nutshell

  • A long range plan intended to guide the growth and development of a community or region for a set period of time.
  • Legally adopted guide which is often referred to as a “Master Plan”.
  • Provides the best possible opportunity to establish orderly development of an area to promote the health, safety, morals, order, convenience, prosperity and general welfare of all of the inhabitants.
  • General in nature, with accompanying maps, charts, and descriptive information.
  • Usually contains information on existing population & conditions and recommendations for the community’s future land use, economic development, housing, recreation/open space, transportation, and community facilities.
  • The Comprehensive Plan is a STRONG guide to decision making.
  • The integrity of the plan can be compromised if a rezoning is made which is not in conformity with the Comprehensive Plan.

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