planning: expedited PLFP

  • Expedited Review Services & Fees. Final Plat submittals that conform to the requirements listed below may be submitted, processed, and reviewed in an expedited capacity. The fee shall be $2,500 per Department Engaged in Review or, the 3rd Party Review Costs + 15%, as applicable, plus the Standard Review and Administrative Fees (per submittal). Expedited review services apply to the first two Plat reviews. Any subsequent required reviews are subject to the standard Plat review fees and review times for non-expedited Plats review.

  • Expectations for service delivery for both the Departments engaged in Concurrent Departmental Review as well as the Applicant.

    • Submittal. Within two (2) business days upon receipt of a complete submittal, the Administrative Officer or Designee will review the submittal for Expedited Review eligibility, determine if the submittal will be reviewed in-house or by a 3rd Party, and notify the Applicant accordingly. If it is determined that staff is unavailable to deliver the expectations of expedited review services, the Applicant will be given the option to proceed with 3rd Party Review Services.
    • Payment of Fees. If the submittal qualifies for in-house Expedited Review, the Applicant shall remit payment of the applicable Expedited Review Services Fees within two (2) business days upon receipt of the Department’s confirmation of eligibility. Should review be provided by a 3rd Party, fees will be invoiced to and payment shall be received from the Applicant prior to issuance of comment letters and/or approval.
    • Initial Review. The Departments engaged in concurrent review shall provide to the Applicant comprehensive written comments within fifteen (15) business days following the receipt of a completed submittal.
    • Resubmittal Deadline. Upon receipt of comments and/or concurrence from all Departments engaged in concurrent review, the Applicant shall have within five (5) business days to resubmit a revised or final submittal, as applicable, or any necessary outstanding materials unless an extension is granted by the Administrative Officer or designee. If the Applicant fails to resubmit within this timeline, he/she is no longer eligible for expedited services and forfeits all expedited fees paid.
    • Review of the Resubmittal. The Departments engaged in concurrent review shall provide to the Applicant comprehensive written comments or concurrence for approval within five (5) business days upon receipt of a completed resubmittal.
    • Final Approval. Upon receipt of the Final Plat intended for approval and any necessary required documentation, the Department(s) engaged in approval shall have within three (3) business days to formally-issue final approval.
    • Penalties. Unless an extension is agreed upon by the Applicant, should any of the Departments engaged in Plans review fail to meet the deadlines established herein, the Applicant will receive a full monetary refund of the Expedited Review Services Fees remitted; standard administrative and review fees remain applicable.

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