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Dear Property Owner in the Forest Lawn Subdivision,

Berkeley County will be collecting information and data at various locations for the purpose of making improvements to the stormwater drainage system. Crews will be in the field April 2021 through December 2021 (weather permitting) to gather data.

STV Incorporated and Cornerstone Consultants Inc. personnel are part of the stormwater data collection team chosen to perform the field work. Field personnel will be identified by name badges, safety vests, and/or other types of identification. Each will carry identification and can provide additional site-specific information if necessary. Field personnel will take measurements and make observations using GPS or survey equipment and cameras to collect data.

It should be noted, capital projects on the Stormwater Management System are conducted to enhance stormwater drainage associated with increased urbanization, including increased stormwater impacts, stream and shoreline erosion, water quality degradation, and loss of natural resources. The data collected will assist the County in assessing, designing, and permitting for those enhancements made to the stormwater management system, outfalls, creeks, and streams throughout the watershed.

Please allow STV Incorporated and Cornerstone Consultants Inc. field personnel access to stormwater system components on your property for the purpose of data collection. Berkeley County and STV Incorporated appreciate your cooperation and understanding. If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact Berkeley County Roads & Bridges at (843) 719- 4100 or


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