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MONCKS CORNER, S.C.- (Thursday, April 1, 2021)- Berkeley County will launch a digital plans review process on Monday, April 5 called “E-Review”. This electronic submittal process will help maximize efficiency across the board for Berkeley County Planning and Zoning, Engineering/Stormwater, and Water and Sanitation (BCWS). The E-Review process has been developed over the course of a year-and-a-half and is a web-based process that allows plans to be submitted online. The E-Review platform was designed in-house by Berkeley County Information Technology.

Previously, hardcopy plans were required to be mailed or hand-delivered to the Berkeley County Administration Building. Upon processing, they were hand-delivered to the various County departments engaged in Concurrent Departmental Review located in external offices. This could take an additional one to two business days. This new process will allow for more efficient processing and distribution. Additionally, it will save fuel, paper, and printing costs, and improve the overall operation of the plans review process. 

The Departments of Planning and Zoning, Engineering/Stormwater, and Water and Sanitation (BCWS) coordinate in the technical review and approval of plans and plats submittals in a process called, “Concurrent Departmental Review”.  For the Planning and Zoning Department to approve these types of submittals, concurrence is required from the Engineering/Stormwater Department (if applicable) and BCWS (if a submittal is located in its service area).

Starting Monday, April 5, all initial submittals and revisions to previously processed single-site development (site) plans, preliminary plans (PLPR), and final plat submittals (PLFP) will be required to be submitted for review through the E-Review Portal.  To apply for plans review, the applicant must first complete and submit the Development Review Application.  Once processed, the applicant will receive a 10-digit “plan case” tracking number, which he/she will then use to upload relevant project materials for review and receive updates and other information related to the submittal. 

For helpful information, staff contacts, and instructions, please refer to the Concurrent Departmental Review webpage. 

Staff will be available to assist applicants with navigating the new process and web-based interface.  Please contact the Planning and Zoning Department at 843.719.4095 with general inquiries about this new process.  For inquiries specific to the Berkeley County Water and Sanitation (BCWS) Department, please contact 843.719.2314.


– Prepared by the Berkeley County Public Information Office –