2020 TrainingClass Instructing AgencyDates Location
JanuaryWhen Disaster StrikesTEEX25th – 26thTraining Center
 Hazmat Awareness – 1427SC Fire Academy11thEOC
 G288 – Volunteers / Donations ManagementSCEMD14thGoose Creek FD
 Disaster Assistance WorkshopSCEMD15thGoose Creek FD
 NWS Spotter TrainingNational Weather Service15thGoose Creek FD
 Basic Life SaverBCEMD6thEOC
 Basic Life SaverBCEMD20thEOC
 AWR 118 – Biological AwarenessLSU31stTraining Center
FebruaryChlorine Response Specialist – 2736SC Fire Academy8th – 9thTraining center
 Air MonitoringAlabama Fire College9thGoose Creek FD
 Meth Lab AwarenessAlabama Fire College8thGoose Creek FD
 PER 222 – Public Safety SamplingLSU21st – 23rdTraining center
 Hazmat Operations – 2728SC Fire Academy6th – 9th; 15th – 16thC&B FD
 CERT (Train The Trainer)BCEMD27th – 29thGoose Creek FD
March AWR – 362 Flood AwarenessNDPTC25thGoose Creek FD
 ICS 300 – Intermediate NIMS ICS ReviewBCEMDTBDTBD
 Active Threat Procedure TTXBCEMDTBDEOC
 Emergency Medical ResponderBCEMDTBDTBD
 Basic Life Saver (EMR)BCEMDTBDTBD
 Stop the Bleed (EMR)BCEMDTBDTBD
 MCI / TriageAlabama Fire College3rdTraining Center
 MCI / TriageAlabama Fire College4thTraining center
 MCI / TriageAlabama Fire College5thTraining center
 AWR – 326 Tornado AwarenessNational Disaster Preparedness Training Center26thGoose Creek FD
 Confined Space Operations – 3390SC Fire AcademyTBDTraining Center
 PER 211 – Med Management CBRNETEEX16th – 17thTraining center
April MGT 317 – Disaster Management PublicTEEX16th – 17thGoose Creek FD
 Hazmat Operations – 2728SC Fire AcademyTBDTBD
 Hazmat Technician – 2723SC Fire Academy3rd – 5th; 17th – 19thTraining Center
 Landing Zone TrainingMedtransTBDTBD
 PER 340 – Active Integrated Threat ResponseLSU13th – 15thGoose Creek HS
 PER 340 – Active Integrated Threat ResponseLSU16th – 18thGoose Creek HS
 Basic Life SaverBCEMD6thEOC
 Basic Life SaverBCEMD6thEOC
 SCFA Air MonitoringSC Fire Academy25thTraining Center
 MGT 335 – Event Security PlanningRural Domestic Preparedness ConsortiumTBDGoose Creek FD
 AWR 140 – Introduction to WMD OperationsBCEMDTBDTBD
 Rapid IDSLED5thGoose Creek Rural FD
 Wet ChemistrySLED5thGoose Creek Rural FD
 MGT 433 – Isolation / Quarantine RuralRural Domestic Preparedness Consortium11th – 12thGoose Creek FD
June PER 340 – Active Integrated Threat ResponseLSU15th – 17thTBD
 ICS 400 – Advanced ICS CommandBCEMDTBDTBD
 PER 340 – Active Integrated Threat ResponseLSU18th – 20thTBD
July Emergency Medical ResponderBCEMDTBDTBD
 MGT 348 – Medical Prep for BombingTEEX / NMT29th – 30thGoose Creek FD
 Basic Life SaverBCEMDTBDEOC
 Basic Life SaverBCEMDTBDEOC
 PER 275 – Active Shooter CourseLSUTBDTBD
August PER 213 – Wide Area SearchTEEX21st – 23rdGoose Creek Rural FD
 PER 335 – Complex Coordinated AttacksLSUTBDTBD
September AWR – 331 Winter Weather AwarenessNational Disaster Preparedness Training Center7thGoose Creek FD
 Emergency Medical ResponderBCEMDTBDTBD
NovemberHazmat Operations – 2728SC Fire AcademeyTBDTBD
December Break month

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