To meet the needs of all departments concerning vehicle repair and maintenance and coordinate with all department heads concerning repairs and maintenance to be made and to meet the budget of all departments.

Mission Statement

Department Functions

The Berkeley County Maintenance Garage strives to provide professional and courteous service while efficiently performing the maintenance and repairs for all county vehicles and heavy equipment. Responsibilities include:
  • To maintain all county vehicles and heavy equipment
  • To provide preventive maintenance and repairs for all departments to meet the needs of Berkeley County employees and citizens
  • Provide fleet services needed during normal business and hours and during times of emergency
When a county vehicle or heavy equipment is in need of repair, please remember:
  • All P.M. inspections must arrive by 12 noon
  • Place all after hours fleet maintenance request in the drop box outside of the maintenance garage office
  • During normal business hours, please bring your fleet maintenance request to the office.
  • You must provide an accident report for all windshield repairs.
  • Please be sure all pertinent information has been listed on fleet maintenance requests (examples: mileage, department, vehicle/unit#, make/model, list of repairs to be made). This will ensure proper handling and expediting of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

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