Information Technology

    Windows Key + Shift + S allows you to select a window for a screenshot.
    ⊞ Win + ↑Shift + S

    Need to take a screenshot when working on a desktop or laptop. Just hit the “Print Screen or “PrtScr”” key on a keyboard, open up an editing program like Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word and click “Paste.” With dual monitors this will take a copy of both monitors. If you only want a picture of an active screen, use ALT + PrtScr.

    Pressing and holding down the “Ctrl,” “Alt” and “Delete” keys on a keyboard for a few seconds (longer than usual) will restart a computer.

    ⊞Windows Key + V lets you see your clipboard. This is your copy/paste history and lets you select previously copied images or text.

    On a Windows machine, hit “⊞ Windows,” plus “L” to lock your computer.

    On Windows machine, Hold down the ⊞Windows Key + Tab brings up the task view – You will see up to 30 days back of what you have done in windows.

    To “Minimize All Windows” you can use the command, ⊞ Win + M.

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