Roads & Bridges

Dirt roads maintained by Berkeley County Roads & Bridges are divided into sections by geographic location. The intervals between maintenance may vary based on actual road conditions, material on the road and the location of the motor grader on its route. A typical maintenance cycle on each section takes approximately 6 – 8 weeks.

Requests for road improvements will be reviewed by the department director and road superintendent. A decision will then be made based on actual road conditions, length and material presently on the road.

Large drainage projects are normally undertaken and funded by Berkeley County, based on the condition of the drainage system. If a resident(s) wishes the ditch to be piped for aesthetic reasons, then a jointly funded project between our department and the landowner(s) may be considered.

Public and privately maintained roads vary. Please contact our office and a member of our staff will assist you with that determination.

Berkeley County Roads & Bridges Encroachment Permits must be obtained from our department prior to any work being performed in a county maintained right-of-way or drainage easement only. Examples of encroachments include driveways, utility installation, fence construction, landscaping, etc.

Presently the Roads & Bridges Department does not charge a permit fee, but other local & state agencies may. Please check with your local or state agencies for their permitting process.

Road maintenance responsibilities vary from road to road. Please contact our office and a member of our staff will assist you with that determination.

Based on determining which agency maintains the road, the claims for damages on Berkeley County roads will be forwarded to the Berkeley County Risk Management Department for review and investigation.

Drainage ditches are generally located within easements. The easements allow the county access to maintain the flow of water, but the actual drainage ditches are located on residents property. The county does not own drainage ditches.

There is a traffic calming ordinance available. Please contact Berkeley County Engineering for more information.

The county installs driveways off of county maintained roads. Please contact our office for a quote.



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