Sangaree Special Tax District Logo As an extension of Berkeley County Government, our team is dedicated to providing the residents within the boundaries of the Sangaree Special Tax District the following services: fire protection, solid waste collection, recreation, and maintenance of green areas. We work in coordination with an appointed Advisory Commission to provide, and exceed, their desired level of service.

Mission Statement


Department Functions

Berkeley County provides special services within the boundaries of the Sangaree Special Tax District, including:
  • Fire Protection
  • Solid Waste Collection
  • Recreation
  • Maintenance of Common Areas
Five resident property owners are appointed by County Council to serve on the Sangaree Special Tax District Advisory Commission. The Advisory Commission advises Berkeley County Council of the nature and level of services desired by the citizens within the district. The Advisory Commission also recommends a budget which provides sufficient revenue from ad valorem taxes to defray the costs and expenses for providing the additional services. The additional services are provided by the use of the County employees and equipment or by contract with private agencies approved by Berkeley County Council.

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